About PDA Dental Laboratory

PDA Dental Laboratory is family owned and operated with over 25 years of active experience in the field. We bring a unique level of dedication to assuring you receive precision with our product, client first personal service and on-going satisfaction in our working relationship. This family business also brings to the table the lastest in equipment, materials and techniques to provide the best possible restorative option for each situation.
We work with many dentists on large, complex cases and take just as seriously the daily single posterior restorations. You will find that we deliver a product and/or service for the various wants and demands of your business. The diversity of our seasoned, highly skilled technicians provides the excellence and technical support you would expect from a professional dental laboratory. Our overnight local and national delivery, e-mail photo communication, custom shading and service oriented staff makes working with us convenient, consistent and concise. We invite you to partner with us in providing your patients with beautiful, lasting restorations. Feel free to contact us at 303-494-2118.


Fine Craftsmanship is rooted in raw talent, dedication to continued education and a committment to deliver your best with every restoration. The PDA team of technicians are continuously exposed to new technology, materials and cutting-edge techniques to ensure that we are providing the best possible restorative option for every situation. Our team of dental technicians enjoy creating beautiful restorations, and it shows in our final product.


Outstanding esthetics and durability in the final restoration are predictable when utilizing an orchestrated team effort. At PDA Dental Laboratory, we take our role in this process seriously. We consult with the restorative doctor, specialists and manufacturers on a routine bases to ensure we have a well-rounded undertstanding of the desired result and our options to acheive it. Whether we are producing a routine single posterior restoration or a full-mouth rehabilitation, we approach every case with the optimal result as our final target.


Our professional support team works in concert to consistently provide outstanding communication, consistent on-time delivery, accuracy of product and consulting. We are confident you will feel apart of the team when you or your staff calls PDA Dental Laboratory. This level of professional support makes PDA one of your team’s strongest resources.


Confidence is taking those final restorations to the mouth knowing they will fit precisely, function properly and look beautiful. Confidence is diagnosing and treatment planning that critical cosmetic or difficult rehabilitation case knowing PDA will support you in delivering outstanding results. We are confident that our working relationship will boost your confidence in presenting more exciting and rewarding restorative cases.


Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends,


Please know, we are cutting down our production to create a temporarily smaller staff (only essential personnel for minimal production) and split shifts with mandated 10-foot spacing between technicians at all times. We will be disinfecting the laboratory after shifts and all cases will are thoroughly disinfected upon arrival and at shipping. Through these conscious measures, I believe we are doing our part to support, you our clients, your patients, and our community.

We are available via phone at 303.494.2118, and email at:



We will be here to take your calls and return your emails.

Wishing you continued health,

Travis Gasser

PDA Dental Laboratory