All Ceramics

IPS e.max

This patented lithium disilicate ceramic material is truly a revolution for the dental industry, combining superior durability, esthetics and ease of use in one product. It features 360-400 MPa of flexural strength. When fabricated to full-contour, the monolithic structure is the most robust ceramic system tested to date. The opalescence, translucency and light diffusion properties of IPS e.max were all designed to replicate natural tooth structure for beauty and undetectable restorations. We offer choices in pressed, layered and milled.


Zirconia ceramic is a monolithic solid zirconia restoration that is typically six times stronger than e.max. More brawn than beauty, zirconia ceramic is virtually chip-proof. These restorations exhibit improved translucency and color similar to natural dentition, making them a restorative option in the anterior as well. Complete color

Zirconia Layered

Layered Zirconia combines the esthetics your patients demand with the strength and affordability you desire. Lab tests have shown the fracture toughness and flexural strength of zirconia are significantly higher than that of alumina or any other all-ceramic. With Zirconia there is no metal to show through the ceramic and no unsightly black lines at the gingival margin.

This esthetic restoration is built on a coping composed of zirconium oxide, one of the strongest and most biocompatible ceramic materials. After being milled using CAD/CAM technology, the final restoration achieves superb intimacy of fit and beautiful, translucent pearlescence. Layered Zirconia is indicated for individual crowns, splinted crowns and bridges up to 14 units anywhere in the mouth. Conventionally cement with resin ionomers.