Custom Abutment

The use of Custom Abutments has become the standard for implant restorations at PDA. Our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM Center is equipped with the technology to provide custom abutments in titanium, titanium-nitride, and zirconia for virtually every implant system. All of our custom abutments are manufactured, whenever available, by the implant company that manufactures the implant system utilized in the patient. This provides congruency when considering warrantees and screw tolerances and torque values. With tissue preservation and restoration longevity being of paramount importance, our experienced technicians design every abutment right here in our facility. Comprehensive focus on providing ideal contour for the tissue and support for the restoration has created a standard of excellence in our implant restorations that is unmatched. Custom abutments allow us to design the abutment specifically to your patient. This enables us to correct mal-aligned implant placement, support tissue, and create a foundation on which to build the restoration.