This case presented with virtually no interocclusal space and little to no options for additional reduction. Some compromise was necessary with minimal reduction of the facial, incisal of #24. Utilizing a CAD/CAM all-zirconium screw retained implant abutment that was designed and scanned here at PDA, we were able to create a full zirconium lingual occlusion for ultimate strength and use of space.

With the crown and abutment being one solid piece, the need to accommodate the space for both crown and abutment was eliminated. Final cosmetic results were accomplished with veneering porcelain applied to the facial and interproximal surfaces of the abutment. As with most patients, the primary objectives for this treatment were improved esthetics and function, both of which were satisfied. We enjoy these opportunities to work with a dentist and their team in improving an individual’s quality of life through innovative, top-quality restorative solutions.

Troy Gasser, President, PDA Dental Laboratory
Travis Gasser, Technical Support, PDA Dental Laboratory